PM Imran Khan composes a letter to Mark Zuckerberg to boycott islamophobia content on Facebook

The Prime Minister today kept in touch with Mr. Imprint Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook requesting Facebook to put a comparable restriction on Islamophobia and disdain against Islam that has been set up for the Holocaust. Head administrator’s letter to Mr. Zuckerberg is given beneath:

“I am writing to cause you to notice the developing Islamophobia that is empowering disdain, fanaticism and savagery over the world and particularly using web-based media stages including Facebook. I value your making the move to properly boycott any posting that censures or questions the Holocaust, which was the finish of the Nazi slaughter of the Jews in Germany and across Europe as Nazis spread across Europe.

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Notwithstanding, today we are seeing a comparable massacre against Muslims in various pieces of the world. Sadly, in certain states, Muslims are being denied their citizenship rights and their popularity based individual decisions from dress to adore. In India, hostile to Muslim laws and measures, for example, CAA and NRC just as focused killings of Muslims and accusing Muslims for Corona infection are intelligent of the odious marvel of Islamophobia. In France, Islam has been related with psychological oppression and distribution of profane kid’s shows focusing on Islam and our Holy Prophet (PBUH) has been permitted. This will prompt further polarization and underestimation of Muslims in France. In what capacity will the French recognize revolutionary fanatic Muslim residents and the standard Muslim populace of Islam? We have perceived how minimization unavoidably prompts fanaticism – something the world needn’t bother with.

Given the widespread maltreatment and denunciation of Muslims via web-based media stages, I would request that you place a comparable prohibition on Islamophobia and disdain against Islam for Facebook that you have set up for the Holocaust. The message of disdain must be prohibited altogether – one can’t communicate something specific that while scorn messages against some are unsuitable, these are worthy against others. Nor should the world need to hang tight for a slaughter against Muslims, which is progressing in nations like India and in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, to be finished before Islamophobia is restricted. This in itself is intelligent of bias a lot that will empower further radicalization.”

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25 October 2020

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