One Two Jaga Review

From TV’s long-running Gerak Khas to the new KL Special Force, the as often as possible told subject of Royal Malaysia Police has been one of our local entertainment world’s class top picks for a significant long time. However, Nam Ron’s One Two Jaga marks a colossal contrast in pace than your regular Malaysian police shows. Actually, this is the initial gone through ever that we finally will see the no-no subject of police debasement on the big screen — something that has been as of recently incredible, particularly given our serious neighborhood oversight board.


The title, which truly suggests the local children game including cops and pillagers, tells an interconnected storyline beginning with Sugiman (Ario Bayu), a single parent Indonesian improvement expert endeavoring to help his local associate sister Sumiyati (Asmara Abigail), who got away from her supervisor’s home and now wildly expected to return to Indonesia.

At that point, Hassan (Rosdeen Suboh) is a sabotaged cop who’s been inconspicuously acknowledged payoffs money to cover his family charges and other vigorous expenses. In any case, it doesn’t take a long time before he gets found in the demonstration by his as of late consigned amateur associate, Hussein (Zahiril Adzim).

Finally, there’s Rico (Timothy Castillo), a Filipino fixer who winds up stirred up with bother when his director Datuk (Nam Ron) suspected he and his mate, Marzuki (Iedil Putra) taken a part of his money.

This isn’t the main event when that Nam Ron dealt with a debatable point, given his connected information back in 2009 when he co-facilitated with Brenda Danker in the little-seen school show Gadoh, which was limited for public screenings in close by films due to the no-no issue of bias.

In One Two Jaga, co-creator and boss Nam Ron offers an undeniable distinction that used its title to examine the significance past the sole inspiration driving the normally harmless “cops and thieves” kids game. If you play the game before already, you understand the standard ought to be just probably as direct as profoundly differentiating where kids guarantee to be “cops getting the criminals”. However, none of this is clear in the film, just morally cloudy circumstances and state of hopelessness. In all honesty, this encourages me to recall Alex Cheung’s then-achievement 1979 Hong Kong coarse police show known as Cops and Robbers, which moreover echoes the likeness between the two movies’ doubtful depictions of their individual titles.

Regardless, whatever amount of I esteem Nam Ron’s work for being sufficiently fearless to deal with the problematic police corruption in Malaysia, it’s a pity that the real subject is for the most part surface-level. This unmistakably has to do with our demanding principles and creative cutoff points from both of our local oversight board similarly as the Royal Malaysian Police on how a contaminated cop should be presented on the big screen.

The story moreover feels brutal around the edges and unbalanced once in a while, with a part of the interconnected stories and various characters will overall be gotten comfortable a surged way.

Regardless, One Two Jaga stays noteworthy enough for a close by film examined an especially point strangely. The cast helps with counterbalancing most of the film’s insufficiencies with strong presentations all things considered, particularly the two performers. This fuses Rosdeen Suboh’s layered portrayal as the demolished and morally tangled senior cop, Hassan. Zahiril Adzim, who can be actually found in the for the most part invited iflix course of action KL Gangster Underworld, is faultlessly given a job as the horrifying, straight-jolt newcomer Hussein.

Helmi Yusof’s naturally miserable cinematography is also estimable, as he viably got the corn feast and terrible perspective of the typically vivacious city of Kuala Lumpur, which perfectly mirrors the subject of police debasement similarly as illegal pioneers.

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