Medical science & uses of Provera (menses)

What is provera?

Provera (medroxyprogesterone) is a type of the female hormone progesterone used to treat auxiliary amenorrhea; strange seeping from the uterus because of hormonal lopsidedness and not because of fibroids, or malignancy; and to forestall endometrial hyperplasia in postmenopausal ladies who have not gone through a hysterectomy and are accepting formed estrogens. Provera is utilized for contraception and for treating endometrial or renal malignancy. A conventional form of Provera is accessible.

What Are Side Effects of Provera?

Symptoms of Provera include:

bosom delicacy or release,



skin rash,

expanded skin break out,

hair development,

loss of scalp hair,

spotting or advancement dying,

changes in feminine periods,

vaginal tingling or release,

changes in hunger,

expanded or diminished weight,


stomach torment,



rest issues (sleep deprivation), and

jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes), or

skin shading changes.

Provera may build danger of cardiovascular failures, stroke, bosom malignancy, blood clumps, and pneumonic emboli in postmenopausal ladies.

Measurements for Provera

The portion of Provera changes relying upon the sign. Provera restrains richness at high dosages.

What Drugs, Substances, or Supplements Interact with Provera?

Provera may communicate with different medications. Tell your primary care physician all meds and enhancements you use. Abstain from smoking while at the same time taking Provera because of an incredibly expanded danger of blood clusters.

Provera During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Provera passes into bosom milk and may hurt a nursing infant. Counsel your primary care physician prior to breastfeeding.

Extra Information

Our Provera Side Effects Drug Center gives an extensive perspective on accessible medication data on the potential results when taking this medicine.

This is definitely not a total rundown of results and others may happen. Call your PCP for clinical counsel about results. You may report results to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.



Special Warning

In the treatment of carcinoma of bosom periodic instances of hypercalcaemia have been accounted for.

Sudden vaginal seeping during treatment with medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation should be examined.

Prescription ought not be readministered forthcoming assessment if there is unexpected, incomplete or complete loss of vision or if there is an abrupt, beginning of proptosis, diplopia or headache. In the event that assessment uncovers papilloedema or retinal vascular sores, drug ought not be readministered.

Medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation may deliver Cushingoid indications.

A few patients getting medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation may show smothered adrenal capacity. Medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation may diminish ACTH and hydrocortisone blood levels.

Treatment with medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation should be ceased in case of:

• jaundice or decay in liver capacity

• huge expansion in pulse

• new beginning of headache type migraine


Creature contemplates show that Provera has adrenocorticoid movement. This has likewise been accounted for in man, consequently patients accepting enormous portions consistently and for extensive stretches should be noticed intently for signs ordinarily connected with adrenocorticoid treatment, for example, hypertension, sodium maintenance, oedema, and so on Care is required in treating patients with diabetes or potentially blood vessel hypertension.

Prior to utilizing Provera, the overall ailment of the patient should be painstakingly assessed.

This item should be utilized under the oversight of a trained professional and the patient held under customary reconnaissance.

Patients with the accompanying conditions should be painstakingly observed while taking progestogens:

• Conditions which might be impacted by likely liquid maintenance

o Epilepsy

o Migraine

o Asthma

o Cardiac brokenness

o Renal brokenness

• History of mental despondency

• Diabetes (a diminishing in glucose resistance has been seen in certain patients).

• Hyperlipidaemia

The pathologist (research facility) should be educated regarding the patient’s utilization of medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation if endometrial or endocervical tissue is submitted for assessment.

The doctor/research center should be educated that medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation may diminish the degrees of the accompanying endocrine biomarkers:

• Plasma/urinary steroids (for example cortisol, estrogen, pregnanediol, progesterone, testosterone)

• Plasma/urinary gonadotrophins (for example LH and FSH)

• Sex-hormone-restricting globulin

The utilization of medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation in oncology signs may likewise cause incomplete adrenal deficiency (decline in pituitary-adrenal pivot reaction) during Metyrapone testing. Accordingly, the capacity of adrenal cortex to react to ACTH should be shown before metyrapone is directed.

Despite the fact that medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation has not been causally connected with the acceptance of thromboembolic messes, any patient with a set of experiences or who builds up this sort of occasion while going through treatment with medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation ought to have her status and need for treatment painstakingly surveyed prior to proceeding with treatment.

Danger of venous thromboembolism (VTE)

The danger of VTE has not been evaluated for progesterone alone. In any case, VTE is a realized danger factor of estrogen-just and joined hormone substitution treatment. While endorsing medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation for oncology signs, the accompanying safeguards and danger elements should be considered in the light of the patient’s condition, the portion of medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation and the length of treatment:

• Generally perceived danger factors for VTE incorporate an individual or family background of VTE or known thromboembolic states, extreme heftiness (BMI > 30 kg/m2) and foundational lupus erythematosus.

• The danger of VTE might be incidentally expanded with delayed immobilization, significant injury or significant medical procedure.

• If VTE creates subsequent to starting treatment, medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation should be ceased. Patients should be advised to contact their PCP promptly in the event that they become mindful of a manifestation reminiscent of likely thromboembolism (for example agonizing expanding of a leg, unexpected torment in the chest, dyspnoea).

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