Help to use Twitter on Android phone

In case you’re experiencing difficulty introducing the most recent Twitter for Android application, verify how much space is accessible on your telephone. In a perfect world, your gadget ought to have at least 50MB of accessible space.

To perceive how much space is accessible on your gadget, adhere to these guidelines:

From your gadget’s home screen, tap the Settings symbol.

In the Device segment, open Storage.

On the off chance that your gadget has under 50MB accessible, you may have to uninstall other applications to clear space.

When you have more space accessible, take a stab at downloading the application once more.



On the off chance that you have enough space accessible you’re actually experiencing difficulty introducing the application, attempt the accompanying:

Drop the download in the Google Play Store, at that point restart the download.

On the off chance that restarting the download doesn’t work, give logging a shot of Twitter. At that point retry downloading the application.

In case you’re as yet incapable to download the application, have a go at uninstalling the Twitter application from your gadget. After it’s uninstalled, restart your telephone and afterward re-introduce the Twitter application from the Google Play Store.

In case you’re actually experiencing difficulty, check the Google Play Help Center for tips to investigate download issues.

Note: We presently don’t uphold Android renditions lower than 4.4 (Kitkat). In the event that you stay on these renditions, kindly note that you not have the option to introduce or refresh Twitter for Android application in the Google Play Store. If you don’t mind additionally take note of that the application may likewise quit filling in true to form. To encounter the most forward-thinking Twitter for Android experience, update your Android gadget OS and download the most recent variant in the store, or visit in your program.

Take a stab at clearing the application’s information

Clearing the application’s information can help the application run quicker and settles numerous normal issues. Clearing information from the application won’t eliminate your record from the application or any of your record data, yet it will reset your notice and sync settings to their default settings.

From your gadget’s home screen, tap the Settings symbol.

Select Applications.

Select the Twitter application, look down and tap Clear Data.

In the event that you’ve cleared your information yet are as yet encountering the issue, have a go at killing your telephone and afterward on.

Watch that your time region settings are set to refresh naturally

In case that is no joke or “Invalid username and Password” when you attempt to sign in, this is likely brought about by erroneous time region settings or an obsolete variant of the Twitter customer application. If it’s not too much trouble ensure your Twitter customer is fully informed regarding the most recent variant and that the date, time and timezone settings are set to refresh consequently.

Press the menu button from your home screen.

Tap Settings.

Select Date and Time.

Ensure the alternative to Set Automatically is empowered.

Log out of the application and log back in

On the off chance that clearing your application’s information or killing your telephone and, at that point on again didn’t work, you should give logging a shot of the application and afterward logging back in. In the event that you’ve empowered login check for you, make certain to store a reinforcement code prior to logging out.

To log out of Twitter for Android:

In the top menu, you will either observe a route menu symbol or your profile symbol. Tap whichever symbol you have and select Settings and protection.

Tap Account, at that point tap Log out. This won’t deactivate your record, rather this will just log your record out of the application.

Affirm the evacuation of the record by tapping OK.

To log back in to your record:

In the wake of logging out of the record, you can add it back by opening the application and tapping Log in.

Enter your username and secret key.

Tap Log in.

Check your organization association

First take a stab at shutting down your gadget for a couple of seconds. Betray and ensure you have a solid information association.

In the event that you are utilizing WiFi to interface with the Twitter for Android application, attempt an other WiFi association. In the event that one works and different doesn’t, almost certainly, the WiFi association doesn’t acknowledge SSL or is hindering Twitter.

In the event that you have an organization association yet WiFi is turned on, your gadget will default to the WiFi association.

Uninstall and reinstall the application

In the event that you’ve empowered login confirmation for you, make certain to store a reinforcement code prior to uninstalling the application.

To uninstall the Twitter for Android application:

From your home screen, press the menu button and select Applications.

Select Manage Applications.

Select Twitter.

Tap the Uninstall symbol at the top.

On the off chance that the Twitter for Android application came preloaded on your gadget, it may not be conceivable to eliminate the application totally. Uninstalling will uninstall the most recent update. In the wake of uninstalling the most recent form, you can refresh the application again from the application store.

Open the Google Play application or another application store that includes the Twitter for Android application.

Quest for Twitter for Android.

Select Download and acknowledge the authorizations.

When the Twitter for Android application completes the process of downloading, open the application and sign in.

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